Capitalism and the need for anxious consumers

I was thinking about the process of unsubscribing myself from particular subreddits, particularly ones around technology for two main reasons, 1) the subreddits are just toxic in nature where discussions always end up descending into bickering or idiotic speculation amounting to the sort of rambling one would get from friend who is completely stoned 2) I find that my anxiety goes into over drive when taking about new products, speculation about what could be next etc. with me thinking “maybe there is something wrong with what I have…” etc.

I know it sounds kind of stupid but that being said it makes one wonder whether, as part of the capitalist system, that not only does a business have to create a good product and market it but to also create anxiety in their consumer base (due to the fetishisation of commodities by the commodity being an extension of who we are as individuals aka “I’m an Apple person” or “I’m a Samsung person”) so that it starts to make us feel that need to upgrade and be on the latest version of a give product.

Anyway, I’m heading off to bed, enough rambling for tonight, need a good night sleep as I’ve got training at work. Oh, and a good side I realised that I can actually get a 5 year extension on my scooter licence when it expires so I’m all good – no stress about getting my motorcycle licence straight away.

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