Relaxing at home on a stormy night, birthday just around the corner

So I saw a special with a local carrier around two months ago that came with a free television – my existing television was getting old on the tooth so I jumped at the opportunity to get a 4K television to go hand in hand with the Apple TV. So far it is going really well – love the 4K experience and it appears that it doesn’t suffer from the problem where with my old television it would randomly turn on at night for no reason. I upgraded it to the latest firmware for my old television but it still didn’t address it so ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯ not too sure what is happening.

While all that was happening I gave the Google Suite another try through their free consumer offering and although their Podcast application is an improvement it is very much based on Google indexing meaning that either episodes are missing or they only appear well after they’re published. Although I keep coming back to iCloud each and every time I feel it is my ‘duty’ to always have a look at what the alternatives are even if it means at the end of the experience it only ends up re-enforcing what I already thought. It reminds me of what my old man said about reading books – remember to read books from people you don’t agree with so then you can see what the other side of the argument is like.

What did I learn? As much as Google appears that they’re making progress the reality is that there is a lack of co-ordination, it reminds me very much of how Microsoft conducts its development process where it appears that none of the teams actually communicate with each other. The lack of communication is self evident even at the most superficial level such as the lack of a consistent look and feel between the applications, the fact that they demand users to access their services through the web browser if one wishes to get a good experience yet funny enough with the push for developers to adopt the PWA model it appears that Google is dragging their feet.

I guess even with all the push by Google to get people to view web applications running in a browser as the ‘new normal’ I’ll never be able to move from wanting native applications interacting with cloud. As much as I tried to get used to using WordPress through the web browser I still very much prefer using MarsEdit. That being said, I am very happy so far with dBpoweramp – given that nothing had happened with XLD for the last 8 months I’ve decided to shell out money for a commercial product with support. So far it has done a pretty good job especially when it comes to ripping CD’s and ensuring that the end result is error free.

My music box set for Rachmaninov, Dvorak and Tchaikovsky CDs have been damaged pretty badly due to past mishandling so I’ve had to search high and low for the Naxos white box editions which are out of print resulting in having check Discogs and Amazon for second hand or old stock. Part of that I’ve also bought two CDs I’ve been longing for from Woody Herman and Charles Mingus. I’ve got them going to the remaining service in the United States where by I’ll get them boxed up together and then sent to New Zealand since those individual sellers don’t send directly to New Zealand.

My birthday is 1 June so I’ll be spending time with the family – getting ready for the motorcycle practical test which will then require an written exam 21 days after the test which will give me a learners motorcycle licence which will be valid for 5 years which then I’ll get a restricted then a full licence but I’ll need to upgrade beyond a 50cc since the restricted and full licence require the ability to drive at an open road speed.

Oh, and as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve gone back to my old style – too much white background made the site too sparse and simple.

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