I guess you can classify them as ‘buying Christmas presents early’

I had a great night last night by heading out to celebrate my birthday at a local Mexican restaurant – btw, it was absolutely awesome; everything was fresh and spicy, delicately smokey chicken and perfectly seasoned seafood. I tend to stick to my regularly places out of habit and fear of having a bad experience so it was great to have something different – oh, and I had my first Margarita, very tasty.

Before going out I bought the DVD drive I have on my Mac and bought it to my mum’s because her computer couldn’t detect the drive that was attached (it is an ASUS SBW-06D2X-U BluRay drive). My drive started working so I gave that to mum to use and took the drive that was on her computer back home after dinner to attach it up to my Mac to see if it is detected and worked. At this moment things get kind of weird – not the fact that it was detected and it worked but rather what I tried was ripping some CD’s that were impossible to clearly rip using my old drive – 3 boxed sets of classical music (Dvorak, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky). This is where things get strange, they all ripped cleanly so I’m stuck in a position where I’ve ordered those boxed sets again but now my ones can easily be ripped I no longer need them. What I’ve decided to do is actually box them up and give them as a Christmas present for my sister-in-law who also likes classical music. Yes, I’m like that – get the presents bought early and on special rather than waiting for the craziness at the end of the year.

I’m now 38 years old and I’m marking this day as a change in direction – the first part of my financial remake has been completed with the paying off of my student loan. Currently I am in credit but that money will be back in my bank account soon enough – it is great seeing that I no longer owe money to the government. The next part of this financial remake is to pay off my personal debt – pay off my overdraft etc. so that I can focus on the long term plan which is a trip to the United Kingdom in 2 years time – I want to be debt free and have some savings so that when I do travel over there I don’t have to penny pinch the whole time in a constant worry that I don’t have enough money.

The second part of the change is getting my health back on track which is in part addressing the weight and health overall because in 2 years time I want to be in a good position health wise so that I can fly comfortably as well as being able to walk around during the day without being able to keep up.

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