Small shopping spree

On the personal front I had an accident with my phone involving it falling out of my pocket then it being run over by a truck – so as you an guess it came out of that episode second best so I made a claim through the insurance company but given that my mobile phone is my only phone (I don’t have a landline) it was of an utmost importance of getting one.  I bought an iPhone XS Max 256GB but whilst I was there I also bought an Apple Watch 44mm as well which helps me as part of my larger ‘getting healthy’ routine where my focus is on having at least a small walk every day even if it is just for the psychological benefits that come with it. The strap itself I had to buy an XL online as the L sized one included is a smidgeon too small for my wrist (it gets to the first hole but it isn’t comfortable). Being able to see where I am in terms of calories burnt, my heart rate etc. serves as a constant reminder and a way of keeping me focused on eating healthy and getting active.

I’m waiting for those three boxed CD sets to arrive which I will wrap up ready for Christmas which I’ll give to my brother and his wife. My brother isn’t into classical music but I think that his new wife will get him into it which should be relatively easy given that it isn’t the usual boring stuff but rather Dvorak, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky (yes, I love my romantic composers).

I’ve also bought myself a whole heap of music CD’s – primarily ones that are almost run out and are on special so that will be arriving at the remailer at Portland, Oregon which will then be boxed up and sent to New Zealand. The total number of CDs is 9 with one of them going to the remailer in the UK which will be bundled with the Moondog (Germany Years) along with the other classical music box set that I also bought – bundle the three of them into a single box to be sent to New Zealand.

I’ve also sort out my shoes – I have so many shoes that are unwearable, unsuitable or worn out – I’ve been too lazy to get rid of them so I’ve just let them build up more and more. So I’ve decided to buy these two pairs of shoes:Screen Shot 2019 06 08 at 1 36 28 AMScreen Shot 2019 06 08 at 1 36 08 AM

Along with the shoes I’ve also ordered some pants as well – I’ve only got one pair of Dickies work pants so I’ve bought a couple of pairs online which will go well at work. Hopefully they will arrive on Tuesday which will be all ready for getting back to work – normally they put it on an overnight courier.

On the good side it appears that IRD has finally gotten my student loan sorted out in terms of the overpayment from my employer so hopefully it’ll be floating back into my bank account in the next week or so – hopefully that’ll get things sorted out soon enough. Anyway, off to bed I go – its been a late night.

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