It finally arrived…Amazon is cool?

So the order from my remailer in the United States has finally arrived – the Rachmaninov box set worked perfectly along with the Woody Herman one but the Charles Mingus one however came on a cheap knockoff pressing rather than the Atlantic Jazz version that I was expecting. The problem was made worse when I tried to rip the CD and it was error central; 5 errors on the track 3 then 25 errors on track 4 – what a mess. In the end I contacted Amazon via the website expecting the usual drama of sending it back but funny enough they ended up refunding it and told not to worry about sending back to the United States.I’ve re-ordered the Atlantic Jazz version – second hand but in very good (almost new) condition – serves me right for not investigating before buying.

On a good side, I’m waiting for the CD to come through from Amazon to the UK remailer so then it cam be paired up with the Tchaikovsky and Moondog CDs so then they can be sent to New Zealand – I want to send it all in a single package rather than bundling them up separately. Hopefully that’ll be there in the next week by which time I can get it sent to New Zealand.

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