Two more days to go…getting ready to chill out

Only two more days to go – I’ll have Monday and Tuesday off but next week I’ll be doing some over time – bits of money here and there which make life a little more comfortable. IMHO I’d sooner do a slightly longer day than come in for an extra day of work but I’ll take any work that is going. With all that being said, my employer wants to make sure that I don’t burn the candle at both ends so it is understandable that they don’t me over working myself or over committing especially given the high rate of sickness over winter.

On the shopping front – the stuff from the UK has left so hopefully sometime next week it’lll arrive but the interesting one will be the ones from the US and whether I can box the whole lot in a single box to New Zealand. It is funny when I hear local retailers complain about people, like me, buying stuff from overseas but what it is ignored is the fact that – the Birkenstock shoes I bought cannot be bought in New Zealand in the size that I require (EU size 46 which translates to UK size 12). When it comes to music CD’s – the kind of music I like to listen simply aren’t available through retail channels such as Jazz, alternative artists, niche once off sessions with limited distribution and so on.

I’ve got a new series that I watching at the moment, Bosch – loving it so far. It is great that there are finally new avenues for content when compared to the bad old days of the same spoon fed garbage masquarading as the best that the television industry has to offer. On my day off I might just chill out on the couch with a bag of popcorn and binge watch a whole season or two.

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