Keeping the eye on the prize….

So the three orders have arrived; Moondog the German Years (2 CD set), Brahms Hungarian Dances and Tchaikovsky Complete Symphonies and Piano Concertos (7 CD set). They’ve been all ripped and now backed up to the cloud where they’re safe and sound but I’m looking forward to my new Blu-Ray desktop external drive (USB 3.1) that will hopefully be arriving in the next couple of days since the one I’m using will go back to mum since the one I’ve given mum is a bit dodgy in terms of reading/writing reliability.

Pay week this week – I love being able to look at my pay each week and not see the huge deduction coming off for my student loan – freeing me up from having to deal with the other big focus in my life with getting everything in a good financial order. I guess it is about walking that fine balance between wanting to live a life where one can occasionally spoil oneself but at the same time ensuring that there is a general trend towards getting to the eventual goal.

I’ve been following the run up to 2020 in the United States and the biggest factor will be whether the media gives the candidates a fair representation and whether they they get sucked into the same pearl clutching bullshit that ultimately got Trump elected in the first place. If the media provide a platform during the primaries that doesn’t tilt in favour of one candidate over another as well as ensuring that reporting on Trump sticks to the facts – such as the fraudulent growth, the $1.2trillion yearly budget deficit etc. then there won’t be the sort of backlash like last election. Lets hope that the main stream media in the United States has learned from the 2016 election and that the rich in the US recognise that paying a little bit extra in tax is worth the stability and predictability that comes with having a sane president in the White House.

I’ve been following macOS Catalina, specifically, the work that Apple is doing with Catalyst – it is great to see, based on a recent article (link) that it is moving beyond a few niche applications into maybe the eventual harmonisation of all the bundled applications to a single unified code base so that when features there added to Messages for iOS that it can be made available on macOS almost instantly. I kind of wonder how far they can take Catalyst and whether long term Apple might be looking at SwiftUI for the way forward.

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