When the cancellation of subscription doesn’t actually cancel the subscription..

So I’ve flirted with Google’s G-Suite in the past however each time I’ve bought it I’ve done it via WordPress and part of that was buying a YouTube Premium subscription so when I cancelled the subscription I assumed it also cancelled my YouTube Premium subscription because as part of the G-Suite cancellation that it would also mean deleting he G-Suite account along with the Premium subscription at the same time. So I kept on seeing charges appear on my credit card each month and I couldn’t work out what had happened but it appears that although I had cancelled my subscription through WordPress that the account was still open on the Google server. I’m putting it out there just in case anyone else falls into the same situation and trying to work out why one keeps receiving charges to credit card – it could be due to that.

The refund for my student loan over payment has finally come through so I’ve put that on my debt pile – that is the big focus over the next 18 months is to get the financial house in order because once that is all sorted out I can live pretty comfortably. The next big goal is saving up to go over to the United Kingdom in 2 1/2 years time. It’ll be interesting to see what the immigration situation is with the UK and whether Brexit will result in a deal for New Zealanders akin to something like what New Zealand has with Australia where New Zealanders can go over to work without having to go through a visa process.

Going back to work tomorrow – picking up some over time so that I can get towards my financial goal but also because I would say that as things calm down with the new system that was installed at the beginning of the year that there will be fewer overtime hours so it is the old story ‘make hay while the sunshines’. The other benefit is this; when I’m not at home and it is a cold day then it means I don’t need to put the heater on to keep warm – yeah, I know it is a bit of a pathetic justification for doing overtime but it does save a few bucks as a result.

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