Back to work tomorrow and eye on the prize

Back to work tomorrow with the added benefit of having 1 1/2 hours over time each day along with working an extra day next week – working quickly towards the financial goal and if everything stays on track then by the end of year I’ll be around 1/3rd of the way to the end goal. With all this being said, I’m still deciding whether I go up to Auckland to have Christmas with grandma and mum or whether I stay down in Wellington and work over Christmas with the added bonus of being able to make some extra cash working on Boxing Day along with New Years day and day after New Years day. That being said, I could take off 23-29 December with the benefit of still getting the over time plus the lieu days so I guess it is about balancing it all up.

Today the pants that I ordered online arrived – nice and comfortable for work tomorrow but I put them through the wash along with giving my wooden jersey a wash too. Ordinarily if I just put it on the clothes horse it would take a while to dry but I’ve also go try dehumidifier running as well which only costs a few cents per day – a whole lot cheaper than when I was living down in Christchurch and had a dryer where you could see the spike in electricity usage (and cost) for that day. One of the aspects of the new smart metres I like is the ability to keep track how much electricity I use each day so then I can control the cost each month. Anyway, I’ve tried on the pants and they fit perfectly – net and presentable for work along with being very comfortable so it is a set up from the single pair of black pants that I was washing each night and drying them over night for the next day.

It’ll be interesting to see when iOS 12.4 will launch but from what it appears the launch date will be around or on the launch date of the Apple Card which will also mark the release of tvOS 12.4, macOS 10.14.6 and watchOS 5.3. Whilst all that is happening I had to download and install Microsoft Word because I had to fill out a form from the New Zealand Customs Service because I am buying over $1000 worth of product into New Zealand and thus needed to apply for some special code. Hopefully by the end of this week it’ll all be sorted out and the stuff I bought will be on their way. On a good side, once it is all setup then in future it should be easy since all I’ll need to do is quote the code again,. I’ll throw the GST I owe on my Visa credit card to clock up those Fly Buys which currently sits at 159 points – maybe I’ll get that $50 New World voucher – it is the main reason why collect points, to spend on vouchers which then allow me to spend it on things I want.

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