Feels good…chipping away

It feels good making ground on something that started off appearing to be an insurmountable task but I transferred the money across and it was so satisfying seeing the amount owed drop by a big amount – it makes working those bits of overtime all the more worth while. At the moment my employer is looking to employ more people but in the mean time there is a lot of overtime go go around so I’m taking advantage of the overtime whilst it lasts and gaining ground in my ‘road to financial freedom’ mission that has big strides since finishing off the student loan. I’ve got around 17 hours overtime for the next fortnight but the weeks following it has dropped down to around 10 hours over time but it is better than nothing. One of my work mates is heading over to Japan for the Rugby World Cup so I’m hoping that it’ll allow me to pick up some extra hours – cash in some more options.  I’d say by next year I would have also saved up enough holiday pay that I can cash it in and gain even more ground. Long story short – as I progress forward the burden on me has become more manageable.

It appears that Apple is replacing their keyboard design, which has many reports of premature failure, with a completely new design (link) It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out in the end. The interesting part is where the refresh goes now that Intel has more or less had a reboot of not only its CPU line up but also the discrete GPU as well which raises interesting questions whether Apple will move to Intel GPU’s if it means simplifying their supply chain and having some sort of leverage over Intel to get lower prices on components. I kind of wonder how this will fit into the larger rumours regarding Apple embracing their own ARM SoC. I’m looking forward to Apple releasing their next operating system – it’ll be interesting to see what under the hood optimisations have been made – reports so far is that iOS 13 has big performance improvements for day to day tasks.

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