Apple outage results in a bug being fixed, delivery almost here

I’m sure some of you have been following the iCloud outage that occurred over a day ago but funny enough when the system came back online that part of the tactually resulted in a bug being fixed. That bug was an issue with iCloud Drive where one uploaded files to the iCloud Drive but it kept saying the incorrect amount free/available as if the files had never been uploaded even thought they were. Interesting enough after iCloud coming back online I checked out System Preferences out of curiosity and it appears to have been fixed – is 97GB have been uploaded so I’m a happy lad so far. I don’t both uploading the AAC versions since re-encoding is so easy I’m not going to worry about backing up those.

Customs has gotten back to me with a client code – one of those things that once you’ve got it then you’r in the system and all subsequent imported stuff will be a lot more smooth sailing. My only wish would be for NZ Post to integrate the custom payments into their YouShop system so then it wouldn’t be a two step process of having to deal with different organisations. Maybe if I feel motivated I might provide NZ Post some feedback – but my feeling is that ends up resembling something like this:

Screen Shot 2019 07 07 at 1 41 47 AM

Oh well, Got a killer headache – going to head off to bed and might take tomorrow off if it doesn’t get any better.