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Tidying up the blog.

Well, I’m starting off with a clean slate; all the old posts are deleted and I’m starting with a clean slate with focus on reforming ones life in the coming year. One of the things I have done is sell off my Apple Watch – one of those things you buy in an impulse because you think, “hey, that would be nice something nice” but then you realise a few months later, having barely used it, that maybe what you liked was the idea of having it rather than actually having it. I’ll be sending it off tomorrow before work if I have time but lets just chalk it up as a lesson learned – don’t get sucked into gadget envy.

macOS 10.15 Beta 10 has been released with no hint that it is getting closer to being a GM (normally if it is a GM they’ll mark it as a GM – at that point they’re ready to ship but they want to ensure that there are no show stopper bugs that might cause problems for end users) but in the mean time Apple has pushed out a few updates for 10.14.6 which involves a supplementary update 2, Safari 13 and then an update to Safari 13 (13.0.1) shortly after that Safari 13 update. Safari 13 has been horrendously buggy even with the subsequent update (13.0.1) which has pretty much forced me to move over to Chrome to at least get a resemblance of reliability.

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