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Getting life back on track.

One of the big focuses this year is getting my financial house in order and that involves paying down the debt I’ve accumulated. What I’ve done to knock some of the debt away is selling off my Apple Watch and that is because I had to be honest, I never really used it and it was money tied up in something I was never using that would be better spent reducing my debt that just sitting on the recharger. At some point you have to ask yourself whether the money is better off being used for something useful.

There has been a recent rumour come out that Samsung will be moving away from its own ‘in house’ customer CPU architecture in favour of utilising ARM designs (link). It is a rumour at this point but a lot of noise was made regarding this but one thing that needs to be kept in mind – for Samsung to have a profitable and thriving business they needed to be able to ship in volume enough units to make further investment into their own core design pay for itself and given the lack of third party enthusiasm I’d say at this point Samsung had to really ask whether sinking more money into it makes any sense.

Now, there was a point being made about it’s performance against Apple’s latest A generation of SoCs but to be honest I don’t see too many end users checking out the specifications – whether one phone loads something 2 seconds faster than another makes all that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. I’d also argue that moving to a less bespoke design allows them to leverage the contributions that ARM have made to Clang/LLVM which should translate to improved optimisation and a better experience. The licensing of AMD GPU designs by Samsung also would allow them to close that gap so essentially you’ll have an SoC made of a big.LITTLE design straight from ARM, a GPU from AMD and make use of its own modem which does a pretty good job when compared to the other modems out there.

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