Run off my feet at work.

Yeap, another day another pay – three days to go before the weekend again. Before heading home tonight I had to some grocery shopping – thank goodness I had the good luck of having a decent meal before shopping so I avoided the usual ‘grab anything not bolted down’ so I pretty much stuck to the shopping list. Over the few months to the end of this year I’m going to run a pretty tight ship when it comes to groceries and spending so that I meet my financial goals. Long story short I want to be debt free by the end of next year – that is the best case scenario and if I hit that then I’ll be on a good from then on out.

Work has been crazy with the Rugby World Cup but on the good side the extra work means more overtime and I’m making hay while the sunshines – when the overtime is available I take advantage of it because eventually it’ll all die down and it won’t be there any more. The big question is whether I can get time off over Christmas because I had Christmas off last year so it comes down to what is going to happen this year so then everything gets a turn at having time off over Christmas. On a good side though it does offer me the ability to pick up not only some overtime but also working statutory holidays meaning getting paid time and a half for those days along with picking up a day in lieu. Either way I end up coming out on top so I’m all good with standing down in Wellington over Christmas if required.