Apple releases beta builds for testing.

Apple has pushed out another round of betas to developers for iOS and tvOS 13.2, and watchOS 6.1 – yes they have skipped a version when it comes to tvOS, going from 13.0 to 13.2. It’ll be interesting to see what the improvements that are in store. It’ll be interesting to see whether there is going to be a macOS 10.15.1 beta released soon given that on the release notes for 10.15 there were still a number of know bugs in the Catalyst framework that needed to be addressed but weren’t ‘show stopper’ critical enough to hold back shipping macOS 10.15.

Twitter has released a client for macOS which is based on their iPad version code base through the use of the Catalyst. I’ve got it installed on my MacBook Pro and my iMac. So far it has been pretty stable however there are a few bugs such as push updates not coming through thus forcing one to refresh manually which is strange given that the iPad and iOS version of Twitter are receiving updates being pushed rather than having to manually refresh. I’m hoping that maybe as Catalyst matures and developers provide feedback to Apple about bridging the gap that we’ll see the experience improve.

With that all being said, rumour has it that in the long run the goal of SwiftUI is to create a unified UI framework that spans over all their operating systems. If you could imagine a series of circles overlapping with common components shared over all the different platforms then specific features available on specific platforms so it is possible to share a large amount of UI design code to reduce code maintenance. The latest release of macOS 10.15 saw the inclusion of SwiftUI 1.0 so there are many more years to go for the technology to mature but I’d say that their goal long term is to get developers who are starting off to move their code to SwiftUI and those with an existing code base to start thinking of a migration strategy. Long term it’ll be interesting to see whether Catalyst remains or whether it was a temporary bridge until SwiftUI is mature enough where those that depend upon Catalyst can look at moving towards the vision Apple has for the future regarding multi-platform development.

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