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iPhone rumours and getting back to work.

Just as I expected Apple has released macOS 10.15.1 beta to developers. At this stage the focus is probably on those low hanging fruit but so far at least for me my experience with macOS 10.15 has been pretty stable. How did I pull that one off? Because I make it a rule that when there is a major release I always do a clean install, never an upgrade because upgrades introduce too many variables meaning it is difficult to peg down whether a problem is due to the new operating system or the result of a conflict between the new and old one. The benefit of having clean install is that you remove all those variables – start with a clean slate and avoid the drama. Have there been bugs? Sure, I had some issues when doing a DFU restoration for some reason but apart from that everything is working smoothly.

Work tomorrow starts at 11am so I’ll be up early but on a good side I’ll have both Monday and Tuesday off from work so I’m going to enjoy a two day weekend. Melbournes cup is going up on 5 November so there will be some overtime I’ll jump at – opportunity to make an extra bit of money and hit my target of getting in a good financial situation by the end of next year.

I’ve been reading rumours about the next iPhone’s, in particular the modem that’ll be used, and I have a feeling that this will be a situation that it’ll be at least 2-3 years before upgrade particularly if the benefits of the updates are minor at best. I think the interesting part will be around 5G and whether carriers in New Zealand will ben deploying it at those lower frequencies and whether plans will reflect the improved spectrum efficiency that it’ll allow higher data bundles. The other part will be how Spark will gear up its fixed wireless broadband given that Spark appears to have thrown in the towel when it comes to Huawei regarding 5G and going with Nokia instead for 5G. Over the long term I could imagine Spark standardising on a SingleRAN from Nokia for the sake of simplifying just as Spark did when they standardised on Huawei after having a mixed vendor model between Ericsson (3G) and Huawei (4G) then eventually moving a SingleRAN from Huawei.