Getting into a good routine.

Well, I’ve enjoyed my two days off but I’m back to work on Wednesday with all the fun and excitement that entails. As much as I enjoy my weekends I also recognise that for me to enjoy those weekends I have to work but I am hoping that as I start getting myself in a better financial position then there will be a lot less pressureI’ll be putting on myself to do overtime. Things are going well and I think I’ll get to a good position towards the end of the year especially if I stay down in Wellington and work overtime on New Years, Boxing Day etc. where I can get paid time and a half – all of that put towards my objective.

I am going to change things around in terms of my sleeping routine because although I do finish late (2200) and start late (1330) I think it would be a whole lot better getting up earlier so then I go to bed as soon as I get home (after having a shower) and then in bed before 2300 so then I’m asleep before midnight. If I make that move I think it’ll help get into a good routine when t comes to Sunday where I start at 1130 rather than 1330 so that 2 hour difference is quite big especially if you’re used to getting to sleep at 0200-0300. I also notice that when I don’t get enough ‘good sleep’ it makes me more susceptible to snacking especially after work which isn’t good eating food that late at night.

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