Meal planning.

So I’ve decided to have a look at new types of meals I can have which are affordable and yet easy to put together which has been due in part of wanting to reduce my grocery bill as well as getting better value for money. Right now the average food per day works out at around $8 per day which is due in part to purchasing ready prepared meals such as those sold by Naked Cuisine and Pitango. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very tasty but can become a big costly so I’m going to mix it up a bit by preparing Diamond Vegetable Pasta Spirals the night before by cooking them then putting it in the fringe so then I can take it to work the next day in a container along with the flavoured canned tomato mixed in. The canned tomatoes around around $1.50-$2.00 per can and the pasta is around 20 cents so for around $2 (give or take a few cents) I can a healthy and filling meal at work.

During the summer I’ll have more salads, maybe make some interesting pasta ones involving tuna, sun-dried tomatoes plus a few other ingredients which will be nice on a hot day. At home for dinner on my days off I’ll start to mix it up a little bit more – part of that might involve investing in a new toasted sandwich maker (link) since the last one I had few a few years broke. It is always good to have a few cans of tomatoes on the shelf, toast bread in the freezer and some cheese in the fridge so when you get the munchies it is possible to throw on some toasties and satisfy the hunger.

Next week I’ll get paid so I’ll need to refill my fridge and shelves so what I’ll need to do is rather than just do the scatter gun approach of ‘buy stuff, sort out meals later’ I’m going to make a conscious effort to try and at least have a rough plan on the meals I want for that week as to avoid frittering money away and instead have an end goal for what my purposes are going to do. That reminds me, I need to buy some chicken because I’ve got some stir-fry vegetables but I haven’t used them but they would work well in a honey soy chicken stir-fry – I’ll lay off the noodles and just have it as just vegetables and protein.

Oh, and this week I had some wonderful wraps that I might repeat this week – chicken strips, coleslaw, cheese, red onions, and a tasty sauce. There are some recipes I do want to try but I’m going to have to wait till winter comes around – things like chicken lasagna – given it is such a heavy meal it is more suited for winter when there is a cold miserable night and you’re wanting some comfort food. I’m hoping that getting better organised will allow me to do more home cooking – I can cook but the problem is that I’ve just been so lazy so hopefully that’ll laziness will be a thing of the past or at the very least I’ll be a lot less lazier.