Apple releases another beta build.

There is more good news in the form of macOS 10.15.2 beta which has bought back column browser to the new music application. It is good to see that Apple is taking onboard feedback in much the same way that the MacBook Pro 16” was released this week which addressed many of the complaints that were made about the MacBook Pro 15” unfortunately though the MacBook Pro 13” still has the old style keyboard rather than the new ‘magic keyboard’ that the 16” model has. The new Mac Pro is on track to be released in December but there have been some early sightings in high profile studios so it appears that things are progressing well in the Mac world.

It appears that Google has finally got the message – you cannot negotiate with carriers when are hell bent on refusing to accept that they’re merely a business that provides a pipe for users to utilise. In the case of Google they’ve launched their own RCS servers which will be made available to users in the United States. At this point I’m guessing but my impression is that they’re going to first negotiate with carriers and if that falls through then they’ll push through with setting up their own servers. Personally I think they should stop buggering around and just launch a global RCS service with end to end encryption – given the carriers refusal to get out of the way when it comes to Android updates I wouldn’t hold out much hope for things to change when it comes to RCS other than carriers doing everything they can to slow down the process of RCS adoption.