Waiting for YouShop delivery.

The phone has finally arrived at the YouShop warehouse, it has been repackaged with the two other items and will be shipped soon so hopefully if I am lucky it might arrive either at the end of this week (which is highly unlikely) or maybe Monday or Tuesday next week. It’ll be interesting to see how it performs given that the Qualcomm modem included with the 855 SoC is superior to what Apple use in their own phones (Intel based modem). I’ll take some photos of my unboxing and write a preliminary review as soon as I get it then around a month later I’ll do an updated review to add any additional information that cropped up over the month.

Today I took advantage of the cyber Monday (we had on Tuesday in New Zealand) and bought 12 pairs of undies and 12 pairs of socks which will be arriving in around a weeks time. I’ll be a happy lad once it arrives as I have a whole lot of old undies and socks I’ll need to throw out as it has been over 3 years since I bought new undies and socks.