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Getting the presents organised.

Each year I set myself a deadline that all Christmas shopping must be done before 10th December as to avoid the crazy Christmas rush. The last part was bought tonight KMart on the way home – $50 voucher for my niece but while I was there I saw that they had some cheap and cheerful plain black t-shirts so I bought four of them at $7 each. I’ve got the rest of the stuff coming via courier so hopefully that’ll be arriving either next week or the week after so then I can get it all wrapped up for Christmas. The plan is still going ahead to order some desserts from Denheath and have them delivered to my Grandma’s place – my way of contributing something for christmas lunch.

The Pixel 4 XL phone along with all the other goodies has left the United States on 4 December so hopefully next week on Monday or Tuesday it’ll be delivered so then I can sell my iPhone XS Max 256GB and Apple TV 4K where the amount will be enough to offset the original purchase (basically I”m no better off or worse off than before purchasing it). The good side is that I’m now fully back with ASB which supports both Apple Pay and Google Pay. I’m having a look at an Amazon Fire TV Cube assuming that the built in one included with my television becomes too irritating but so far it is holding up well.

Windows 10X appears to be a project that is a lot wider in scope than was first announced with the advertisement of a job to work in the IoT area of Microsoft specifically on working with Windows 10X running on IoT devices. Interesting to see what is happening with Windows 10X and whether long term we’re going to see it offered as a download alongside the standard Windows 10 ISO.