Presents have arrived.

The first part of the Christmas presents have arrived today – the glasses I bought online:

The top two will go to my sister and partner along with a box of chocolates, the bottom two will go to my brother and his partner along with a box of chocolates. It is difficult to buy for people who can pretty much buy what they want so something that is unique or quirky.

At the moment I’m still waiting for my Pixel 4 XL phone, case and accessories to clear customs but I’ve jumped the gun and sent in via email the special customers client code which is required when importing something that is over NZD$1000. Once that has arrived I’ll put my old phone up online along with my Apple TV plus a few other things for sale to balance things off in the end. I’ve had a look at Amazon regarding the nVidia Shield Pro and although I am tempted the problem is that by the time it is in stock and arrive in New Zealand I’ll already be up in Auckland for Christmas. I’ll have a sleep on it and see how I feel after Christmas about whether it is something I want to go ahead with.

Side note: As a convert to Judaism I see Christmas as a time to get together with family – even before conversion I never really saw it as any more than a secular holiday to have fun with the family. The kids enjoy the presents, a lovely big meal with the family etc. given how we’re spread over two countries – perfect time for the family to all come together.