Heading up to Auckland.

Well, on Tuesday I’m heading off up to Auckland for Christmas with mum and nanna. I’m grabbing the 12:55 midday flight so that’ll mean I’m getting up at 9:00am and going to grab the 9:41am train which will get me in by 10:00am where I’ll grab the bus to the airport – I’m still deciding whether to bring my laptop but I’ll see how I feel in the morning.

The process by Customs is taking its good old time – it appears that they’ve got a bit of a backlog. Just a tip to businesses, in the age of the internet there is no excuse for failing to communicate to your customers about what is happening – if you’ve got a backlog which is why there are delays then be upfront about it as to avoid people ringing up every other day chasing up on something that could have been communicated via a website message.

I’ve been reading more about the failure of Labour and it appears that there is a tendency for uncomfortable truths to be disregarded when one is stuck in a particular echo chamber. The narrative in left wing circles at the moment is that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour were slandered by the capitalist class and if it weren’t for the capitalist class then he would have won. The problem is that it completely disregards all the decisions that Jeremy Corbyn and his backers made, Although I sit on the left I think it is important that we don’t get stuck in bubbles, that when uncomfortable truths do appear that we don’t ignore them because they don’t fit into the narrative that we’ve constructed in our head. The postmortem for many on the left will be uncomfortable but I do hope it is a wake up call so that lessons can be learned and mistakes are not repeated.