Learning how not to get overwhelmed.

Well, another week has come and gone with the start of a new year and for some reason it is already feeling a lot better at work – learning to relax at work and not get wound up about meeting some target that I set for myself which doesn’t mean a hill of beans at the end of the day.

On my way home from work they had some blueberries on special so that was a nice along with some custard is always nice – my favourite being the Puhoi Butterscotch (link) along with the grocery shopping for the week. Before heading away on holiday I didn’t buy any groceries so I just ate what I had to reduce what I had in the fridge so by the time I left I had nothing in my fridge, freezer and my shelf I just had some assorted long life goods (canned tomatoes, spiral pasta and spaghetti). I always like to have a few extra items in the freezer so I took advantage of some specials – ciabatta rolls, multigrain bread etc.

I bought myself two blue short sleeve shirts for work – I was able to get away wearing a t-shirt under a jumper but going into summer the idea of wearing a woollen jumper doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. When I head off to work tomorrow I’ll be all tidy and presentable – and most importantly comfortable.