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Getting things sorted out, making long term decisions.

Well, NZ Post have finally gotten in contact with the e-commerce team to tell them that customs have ok’ed the release of the parcel I ordered from Amazon – I’m tempted to lay a complaint to see if I can get my P&P back given that it should never take a month to get something as basic as a phone, ear phones and a case through customs given that NZ Post is doing the custom clearance themselves. Yeah, I’m pissed off at the mucking around this time but my concern is also about future purchases – am I going to go through the same drama and BS if I buy something from overseas? Well, hopefully this will mean coming to the end of my saga.

On the financial front my aim is to consolidate the debt so that’ll mean that hopefully by the end of February I’ll have all my accounts closed off with BNZ then by the middle to the end of the year I’ll move what I have at Westpac over so then I’ll just have the one set of accounts with ASB which will make managing finances a whole lot easier. This has been part of a larger change in my life where I’ve set up a list of lifestyle changes that I’m implementing but I’m doing them gradually bit by bit – not that I’m worry about overwhelming myself but rather the benefit is that I focus on one and with enough repetition it becomes muscle memory that I do automatically without thinking so where as if I am take on more than one task at a time then I’m having to consciously think about all those things I have to do which aren’t muscle memory.

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge Chromium edition and it is available on Windows as well as macOS. So far I’m pretty happy with it and some how they’ve made it more efficient than Chrome on macOS which makes me wonder whether discarding the Google bloat has lightened up – lets hope that as they add back functionality such as tab synchronisation along with other features (keeping in mine that Microsoft not only must create a compatible backend on their server but also functionality in the browser then testing it to make it sure it all works according to plan) that it’ll maintain the same level of snappiness.

I am waiting for my Pixel 4 XL to arrive but I’m wondering whether I should create a bog standard Google account but use the Microsoft Office 365 account that I have for my email and so on. I’ve already got 1GB, everything synchronises without too much drama, the Microsoft browser on Mac is works perfectly fine and Edge Chromium on Android also works nicely which makes me wonder whether using Google G Suite is ab absolute must or is it a situation where if you want to get the smoothest experience then it’s pretty much a given in that you’re going to have to use Google.