Weekend is almost over and looking forward to getting back to work but the mean time MarsEdit’s developer(s) have put out an update which addresses a bug I experienced when sending a blog post to WordPress.com and the category chosen not being synchronised – it comes up on the WordPress.com server as uncategorised. Well, it is all now working which is great. 

Regarding my glasses – it isn’t you’ve upgraded your glasses when you realise just how bad your eye sight has gotten in 10 years. The last pair of glasses I bought when I was living down in Christchurch over 10 years ago so it has been quite some time.

I thought I had avoided getting a cold this year but alas on Sunday it started then on Monday it was the worst, today (Tuesday) I have feeling a bit better – having some Fisherman’s Friends and some Lemsip so hopefully I’ll be all recovered by the time I get back to work tomorrow.

Well, I’ve finally got MarsEdit set up – I give web applications ago but I keep coming back to native applications because they integrate best with macOS. It is the one thing I like about having iCloud at the centre of my life – it avoids the use of web applications in favour of native applications which come with the benefit of integration between various parts of the operating system as well as other hardware. Big Sur will be replacing the macOS version of Messages with a Catalyst version which will close the gaps but hopefully with the use of Catalyst it will open up a situation where all the native applications are eventually using Catalyst resulting in macOS and iOS/iPadOS functionality remaining in sync with each other.

My holiday is starting in seven weeks but in the mean time I’m going to take things one day at a time – I’m looking forward to getting closer to that time off and hopefully during that time off Apple will release all the upgrade goodies. Yeah, I know, I could participate in the public beta but I’m at that point in my life that I don’t want to deal with a buggy experience on my daily driver so I’ll wait until it is stabilised.