End of another week, getting closer to macOS Ventura release.

Well, the end of another week and sure enough we’re closing in on the end of this year so quickly that by the time February rolls around next year it will mark me working for the company I am at for five years. It is interesting how as you get older it feels as though time is speeding up but I guess it just comes with age. I’ve got work tomorrow but I’ll be working from home again – my cough hasn’t cleared up but I spent all of today cleaning the place, hoovering all the carpets, dusting etc. hoping that maybe that’ll help in terms of clearing up my cough my I doubt it’ll make an improvement other than making my place a lot nicer.

YouTube and Safari appear to be an on going issue – I’ve decided to accept it for what it is given that every other website doesn’t exhibit such behaviour it would be foolhardy to move to a difference browser simply on the basis that one website doesn’t work properly. That being said, there is still a lot of work going on over at the Webkit project with the latest Technology Preview (link) so hopefully we’ll see those improvements make their way into the stable version of Safari that comes bundled with macOS. Webkit is making great progress but the problem is the slow integration of those enhancements into the mainstream Safari build that comes bundled with macOS.

Having a look at the Unifi AP U6-PRO and it appears that they no longer include the PoE injector but on the good side I can reuse the PoE injector that came with the Unifi AP AC HD. When I eventually upgrade I’ll still stick to using 5GHz given that there are 15 2.4GHz networks all broadcasting so any attempt to setup a 2.4GHz would be an exercise in futility if there ever was one. That being said, when it comes to the big uploads I always prefer to have a networking cable that runs from my desktop to the router so that there are no transmission issues which can occur when uploading large files that measure in the gigabyte size.

As we draw closer to the mid terms in the United States and the New Zealand election next year with so many voters failing to grapple with the basic idea that we live in an environment where every economy is linked with everyone else’s economy – the idea that inflation can be magically addressed through policy is ridiculous. The information that we’re experiencing today is the result of 40 years of using China as the workhouse of the world which has acted as an inflationary sponge aka having a deflationary effect but now it has come back to bite the developed world in their backside. There isn;’t some magic switch that by voting for the Republicans that the moment they take over they press it then suddenly inflation disappears or if National/ACT form government in New Zealand that Luxon will trip over a magical button that will make inflation disappear and for houses to decrease in price for those wanting to buy while those who own houses their asset goes up in value some how.

Now the newly far right Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni has come out with the usual drivel about ‘the speculators’ as if capitalism has nobility at its heart but it is undermined by ‘speculators’ and ‘crony capitalism’ etc. etc. Why do people get suckered into this obvious nonsense? because firstly most people have no idea what capitalism actually is – firstly they conflate the market with capitalism, secondly they either are benefiting from the status quo but believe it could be better if there was ‘real capitalism’ (this is where the whole spiel about crony capitalism and speculators come out) or people who convince themselves that one day their boat will come in but what is stopping them from getting that is…once again…back to the idea that capitalism isn’t the problem but the ‘polluted capitalism’ that exists today is. Why does that happen? because it is easier to convince people that the status quo is ok but simply needs a few tweaks that admitting that the very things they complain about are core features to capitalism – that capitalism itself is the problem and that a superior system needs to replace it or otherwise things won’t get better.

To quote a phrase commonly attributed to Lenin: “fascism is capitalism in decay”. When capitalism falls into crisis it transforms into fascism as a defence mechanism and wheat do I mean by fascism? fascism is when the capitalist class seize the state and use the state’s monopoly on violence to protect their class interests by suppressing communist and socialists movements that offer an alternative to capitalism. This is why history is important – to avoid another generation making the same mistake as that a previous generation made. If we don’t learn from history then we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes of the past and thus the cycle of progress and then regression will continue indefinitely.

Back to work again.

I’ve been sick for the last four days – coughing up phlegm and blowing my nose. I went to visit my doctor and I was advised that the best he can suggest is so get some rest, drink lots of water, get fresh air and make sure that I eat some good helpings of vegetables. I’ve been taking it easy which include working from home – avoid the cold air in the evening given that even in September the night temperature is getting below 5°C. There appears to be four viruses doing the rounds out there so it is probably best to avoid exposure by working from home where possible particularly when one considers that the shifts being done are at night where the cold air can aggravate the lungs.

I’ve finally got my act together and voted this year in the local government elections – I had until the beginning of October to send it away (it is done via postal voting) but I thought it would be best to get it done now before I end up losing track of my voting papers. I did some Googling to find out who each of the candidates were and what their positions are. Personally I think that the established parties should play a larger role in local government to avoid the sorts of ‘independents’ who have been hiding their crankery but thank goodness Stuff, Newsroom, The Spin Off and others have been exposing candidates hiding their links to those behind the occupation of the parliament grounds. The benefit of having the established parties involved at the local government level will provide the venting process and endorsement which will encourage more people to vote in local elections – if voters don’t necessarily 100% know the candidate they can feel rest assured that the party that they support at the central government give them enough confidence to vote for said candidate at the local level.

Work was ok – not too busy but new changes are being introduced in the next couple of weeks. It is amazing how getting a new CEO results in the company getting its ‘a into g’ results in improvements coming out in a mater of months if not weeks rather than the many, many, many years of procrastination. I’ve been employed with the organisation for almost 5 years and in the last year and a half there have been more things done to improve the customer experience than the previous years. There is a lot of great talent where I work – lets hope that the talent is given free rein.

Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few months regarding inflation but I think it is foolish to believe that our inflation woes can be fixed by increasing interest rates given that it is a supply issue not a demand – the capacity is under-utilised rather than it being a situation of demand being too high and the economy is operating at peak utilisation. I think the bigger question that needs to be asked is what the long term plan will be to avoid this sort of issue in future – to avoid a situation where we have turned China into the workhouse of the world which has simultaneously created a single point of failure for the world. There are also environmental reasons – is it really the smart to take fish caught in New Zealand, export that fish to China and hen reimport the processed product back to New Zealand? thousands of carbon miles – yay the efficiency of the capitalist system.

tvOS 16, iOS 16, Safari 16 and macOS 12.6 released.

At 5:10 this morning Apple released tvOS 16, iOS 16, Safari 16 and macOS 12.6 released – they were decent size downloads and it took a while to install. So far everything has been very reliable particularly with Safari 16 which has been rock solid and no problems with AdGuard, the issue with Google Chat appears to have been fixed, YouTube bug of going back/forwards hasn’t cropped up either but with all that being said not everything that is present in Safari 16 on macOS Ventura isn’t available on Safari 16 on macOS Monterey. Having had a look at the System Monitor it appears that a side effect of fixing security related memory issues is a reduction in the memory foot print aka fixing memory leaks. No complaints from me – I’m always happy when a software company pushes out an update and a few other problems are fixed up along the way.

There is a new feature called ‘Security Responses and System Files’ with iOS 16 which will hopefully mean that when there is a security vulnerability that they’re able to push out a security fix a lot quicker than having to bundle the fix with the next update cycle that they have planned. Hopefully this is a sign that Apple has a plan to make iOS more modular so that updates can be made available in a piecemeal fashion which will make addressing security issues and bug fixes in a timely manner.

Ubiquiti has released UniFi Network Application 7.2.94 which updated itself relatively quickly while 1.12.30 is in development to tidy up loose ends with the main focus being on bringing UnifiOS 2.x to the UDM and UDM Pro. I’m tempted to get a WiFi 6 access point but so far they’ve been out of stock and I’d prefer waiting until the firmware and hardware is more mature – hopefully Ubiquiti will release an AP HD model for WiFI 6 which will have the benefits of the current AP AC HD which I’m currently using at the moment.

End of a week, beginning of a new.

Well, that was the first week of my new work schedule and so far I absolutely love it. The days I start at 11:30 I can do half at work and half at home then on the days I start at 13:30 I can work from home the whole day. One of the benefits of working from home means I have a much better work environment along with a great internet connection – relaxing, quiet and none of the chaos in the background makes for a much better working experience. The other great benefit is the fact that is this, if I feel under the weather but good enough to work I can do so from home. This also helps coworkers as well – when people have the sniffles but still good enough to work, they can work from home which keeps the beginning of being sick away from the office while not having to worry about using up ones sick days (obviously if you’re absolutely sick then you need to rest).

Another cool thing I found is a website that sells cases of BOSS iced coffee directly to the public (link). Next pay I’m going to order 4 cases over all – something that’ll be a nice refreshing ‘pick me up’ before work that I’ll have with my daily iron supplement. I wish I could get the old Moccona iced coffee but unfortunately they stopped selling that and I can’t get the Nescafe ones that used to be sold on 1 Day Sale many years ago (if I remember correctly it was parallel imported from Malaysia). Oh well, looking forward to that eventually delivered.

Last week was the big announcement by Apple of the iPhone refresh along with refreshing the Apple Watch line up and Airpods Pro. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much given that we’ve now reached a point that these products are very much mature so one shouldn’t expect radical changes in the design. As much as the ‘tech dude bro’ on YouTube like to consider themselves as the centre of the known universe, the reality is that for the vast majority of people the iPhone, for example, is something that they’ll upgrade every three years which is why the comparison in the performance graph was for a phone shipping in 2019 rather than last years of the previous years. Apple has all the data at their disposal and they can see the upgrade cycle is has pushed out from an average of every 2 years to now an average of 3 years hence the comparison.

The big question is whether I am convinced that I should upgrade – at this moment I’m waiting for the iOS 16 to be released tomorrow, see whether Google realise there are more than 14 countries in the world and how the Samsung Galaxy S23 which is rumoured to have the Snapdragon 8 Generation 2, stacks up against my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The benefit with waiting for the S23 is because it’ll come with Android 13 which will include the compulsory modules that can be upgraded by Google (since new phones running Android have to fall in line with the requirements of Android 13 but upgrades from older versions the phone OEM isn’t required to implement it on their older phones). I personally would prefer to get a Pixel phone if it were available and supported in NZ but given how Samsung has really lifted their game in the last few years, they’ve really become a contender when it comes to choosing a phone. That being said though, the iPhone 14 is very tempting at the moment given how heavily invested into the Apple ecosystem – oh, and I’m looking at getting the purple one.

New shifts, new schedule – a fresh start.

This week is the start of a new shift schedule, three days a week I start at 11:30 (finishing at 20:00) and two days a week I start at 13:30 (finishing at 22:00) – I’m able to go home at 16:30 on my ‘lunch’ so then I can finish my shift off at home, something I’ll do regularly in future which will avoid crazies on the road and avoid the cold at night. I’m a night owl and enjoy working the late hours so this is a perfect fit for me and unlike in my past life of working in hospitality I’m not dealing with customers who leave a trail of rubbish from one end of the eating area to the other.

Ubiquiti is looking into moving the UDM and UDM Pro over to the UniFiOS 2.x platform: “An upcoming version of UDM/UDM-Pro will migrate to UniFi OS 2.x. The process is currently being well-tested internally and will be released shortly, with no specific ETA.” (link) So at the moment they’re focusing on bug fixing and maintaining 1.12.x branch until UniFiOS 2.x platform matures which will then bring it inline with UDM SE and other products that utilise the UniFiOS 2.x platform. Hopefully the move to UniFiOS 2.x will result in regular updates which will include enhancements as well as bug fixes.

On Thursday NZ time (Wednesday US time) will be the day Apple gives their big iPhone announcement, when iOS, macOS and other platforms will be released to the public along with refreshes to other product lines. It’ll be interesting to see what is announced but something tells me that it won’t be the bowel shaking earth shattering ‘next big thing’ that’ll be announced. Expect to see a natural evolution of what exists with maybe some interesting additions but don’t expect anything huge. I’m looking forward to hearing the release date of macOS – maybe I’ll see. if I can get some time off when it is released so I can have some fun trying it – see whether some big steps have been made when it comes to Safari.