About Me

I was originally born in Auckland but then raised in Upper Hutt, Wellington. During this time I travelled with my family to Australia on three separate occasions accumulating a total of living in Australia for 6 years. During this time I attended primary school for two years, then on the second trip I attended college then on the third trip I attended the local polytechnic to complete a Diploma in Information Technology.

After living in Australia for three years I returned to New Zealand and moved down to Christchurch with my brother. My brother started studying engineering where as I, not sure what to study at university, decided to find a full time job instead. After working for a few years I knew what I wanted to study at university, Religious Studies and Philosophy. I started studying for my degree at University of Canterbury for two years I found myself longing to head back up to Wellington – I am a Wellington lad at heart.

On return to Wellington I signed up for Victoria University of Wellington to complete my degree at which point I found out that by adding a few extra papers to my degree I could turn the Bachelor of Arts into a Double Major. This year (2011) I officially graduate with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Religious Studies and Philosophy – specialising in Islam (Religious Studies), the nature of reality (Philosophy) and their relationship with one another. Currently I have a full time job but some time in the future I hope to pick up where I left off and complete some further study – teaching being one of many options.

As for my religious background, although I was raised a Catholic although I’m a Deist Existentialist with leanings towards Reform Judaism (I’d like to eventually convert to Reform Judaism) – the ‘split’ between Catholicism and I had more to do with theology than necessarily the differing of opinions on certain social issues. When it comes to my interest in Reform Judaism I equally embrace aspects of Judaism from the Orthodox and Reconstructionist traditions.