Start of the weekend..finally finish off a blog post

So another week was come and gone but hopefully this weekend I’ll finish off the blog post that I’ve put on the back burner – it is a post regarding the cynical way in which the west use the legitimate issue of human right as a red herring to their anterior motive which isn’t noble in nature at all. I’ll be going into more detail when I get up tomorrow but I’m sure it’ll be a good read when compared to my usual ‘self therapy’ that I engage in by talking about how my day has gone and what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Work has been going great, still more training then combine that with the silly season, there are a few more things I need to sort out for Christmas – alcohol and desert but that will have to wait till tomorrow so then I can get that all sorted out – Denheath is where I’m looking at getting the desert from but I’ll need to ring up tomorrow to get the details as so far as the best before and delivery dates because I’ll need it before I head off up north to be with the family.

Side note: I’ll be taking the train up so I’m going to take some photos and maybe some small videos on the way up so people who have never been on the Wellington to Auckland train can get to see what it is like. I’ll be taking up my laptop and tethering it to my mobile phone – I should get a fairly good signal given that Skinny (they use Spark’s network) has good 700MHz coverage which will hopefully mean good 4G coverage on the way up there.

Pre-Christmas cleaning all done!

I finally got myself motivated over the two days I had off to clean everything from top to bottom in the home and completely weed all the backyard. I started off dealing with the weeds in between the cracks in the concrete along with weeding the garden but because of timing I wasn’t able to grab the water blaster off mum to water blast the concrete areas down and wash the outside of the house – I’ll get that sorted out next week along with giving the house a wash down with some warm soapy water. Inside I pulled all the curtains back to clean the window frames and sills down with hot soapy water along with the skirting-boards to remove all the dust then after all that is done I then hoover the floors. Sure, you do the day to day cleaning as part of the routine but sometimes you need to do some ‘detail cleaning’ (what we used to call it in the fast food industry) where you clean from top to bottom including all those areas you wouldn’t otherwise think need cleaning. Long story short – the place is cleaned from top to bottom along with airing out duvets in the fresh air along with nice clean sheets etc.

After all that cleaning the one life style change I am going to do is relegate all eating to the kitchen and find some sort of shelf where I cal put the microwave and toaster so then I can buy a couple of stools for the breakfast bar so that I can have dinner there and keep the lounge room clean of crumbs getting on the floor. I’m having a look at a shelf from Bunnings or Mitre 10 so then I can put the microwave and toaster on it along with putting the kettle on there too so then I have more bench space.

Anyway, got work tomorrow so a good night sleep is in order so that I am bright eyed and busy tailed ready for work.

5 days down, 2 days to go..

Damn that felt good; went for an 8.9km walk tonight and it really helped me unwind – allow me to think to myself what happened during the day, thinking about what I’ll do tomorrow etc. so when I came back, got undressed and put the washing on then have a shower I was all relaxed and ready for bed. It is interesting how I find it easier to get to sleep after a good nights walk – although I felt like having a couple days rest from my routine walk I found it more difficult to get to sleep so I think in future I need to force myself to go for a walk because although I don’t want to I also realise that the benefits far out weight the annoyance. On a good side the blisters on the back of my heels have fixed up so hopefully a thicker skin has grown back to avoid that sort of issue from occurring in future. At this rate I’ll put in a couple more 8.9km walks and I’ll feel that I’ve had a good work out for the week even with the couple of days rest.

Almost the weekend

Three days to go before the weekend but on the good side things are going well; I decided to have a couple of days break but I’ve also taken on another challenge – getting my finances in order. The biggest obstacle aren’t the big purchases but all the money that is frittered away with small purchases here and there – $10 there, $5 there and soon enough you’ve hit $100 and you’re only 3/4 of the way through the week. That is the big focus – focusing on shopping once a fortnight with no spending in between other than topping up with petrol in my scooter. A more disciplined approach will hopefully not only help my waist line but also my bottom line as well – that will be focus on the weeks coming up along with the regular exercise.

Enjoying the weekend..getting healthy

The week before last week I said to myself that I would go for a walk at least 4 times and I did it which averaged around 8km each day (32km over all) where as this week I’m aiming to go for a walk every night – even if it just a small 4km walk my focus is to get into a good exercise routine so then it becomes second nature. There are the health benefits of going for some regularly exercise but it also a great way to empty ones mind after a long day at work. The last week I ended up going for a walk at least 5 days a week so this week, barring bad weather I’m aiming for a walk each night – I’ve done a measure where the ‘short walk’ is 5km where as the ‘long walk’ is 9km, so hopefully if I can do 3 days of short walks and 4 days of long walks but I’ll see how I feel but the main goal is to at least get moving 7 days a week. I think the whole ‘get moving’ is important because I work in a job where I sit down all day and because that lack of physical it is very easy to gain wake rather quickly without noticing especially during the Christmas time as nibbles are being handed around – lord knows I know that first hand how quickly weight can creep up.

Oh and the other part of this ‘getting back on track’ is having a good night sleep – that is another thing that so many dieticians point to – have a good night sleep because when you’re tired and haven’t had enough rest then you feel hungry resulting in overeating I’ve been ensuring that I get a good night sleep. 

In the mean time I’ve been looking at all the alternative social networking platforms and I’ve become particularly concerned with privacy and how my personal data is treated particularly when large chunks of it is residing in meta corporations like Twitter, Google, Apple etc. and whether in the long term it is healthy to have such a concentration of personal information in the hands of organisations whose primary reason for existence is profit maximisation for shareholders. I am sceptical though that there will be meaningful regulation given how captured the political process is in the United States and although the European Union can act (and has done so) for a country like New Zealand, unless we enter into some sort of regulatory union with the European Union so that we can piggy back on their regulations along with enforcement mechanisms then Facebook for example will continue ignoring their obligations under New Zealand’s privacy act as they’ve done so already (link). Although I am off Facebook I am looking at getting off WhatsApp and Microsoft’s own platform as well 

One more day to go

It’s spitting outside and I decided to have a rest – Hoki three seed crumbed fish with tzatziki on the side and damn was it nice and tasty. If I had more time I would have loved to have some cherry tomatoes fried with olive oil and Himalayan pink salt, maybe next time I’ll try that. Hopefully with summer coming around the corner that the salads will be become more frequent at home but at in the mean time I’m happy with it. Side note though, it is funny that over the last few months I’ve really gone off chicken for some reason – maybe I’ve been having it too often in the past but these days my diet is mainly revolving around either eating vegetarian or as close to vegan as I can get with the occasional bit of fish.

I’ve just been tweaking my router settings where I turned off all the Conntrack Modules:

Screenshot 2018 11 18 at 2 04 48 AM

Funny enough as soon as I disabled each of them that the issues with streaming videos from openload and a few other services have disappeared and now everything is working great not to mention the improvement in latency. Oh well, it works – and that is the main thing but I’m surprised I hadn’t come across it earlier. Looking forward to finishing work for the week tomorrow so then I can have a couple of days off from work to chill out a home.

Getting back on track

With the wonderful weather I’ve been focusing on getting my life back on track but rather than making big radical changes what I’ve been focused on is making small incremental improvements then once I start getting into a good habit (normally within a week of doing something) I then add another thing that I can do. For example, I’ve said to myself that each night I will go for a walk – doesn’t have to be a big walk but at least one walk a night as a way of unwinding from work and working out any stress which can help to get to sleep without having my mind racing at 100 kilometres per hour. I’m going to keep doing that and then make another life style change when I feel comfortable. Long term what I am hoping that a gradual approach will eventually make these life style changes second nature to the point that I don’t have to consciously think about doing them because they’ll just become part of my normal routine.

I’m looking forward to also the CD’s arriving that I ordered – I’ve finally started taking advantage of the YouShop address in the UK where I’ll get the CD’s I ordered repackaged into a single package and then sent to New Zealand. It works out cheaper in most cases because many sellers will give free domestic shipping to the remailer (YouShop) and then I group all those CD’s into a single parcel for a once off cost that is cheaper than if all the individual CD’s were sent via international post as separate parcels. I’ve got around 33 CD’s sitting in my wish list that I’m gradually working through so I’m looking forward to getting that all sorted but in the mean time what I’m going to do if I have some spare time is to start uploading all my music to OneDrive or maybe look at a network attached storage device which has built in redundancy and can be shared over the network such as a Drobo with the device in the spare room along with the router etc.

Anyway, off to bed now as I’ve got work tomorrow as well as Saturday and Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off as usual.