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Finished work last night at 8:00pm, came home, cooked up dinner and along with the washing up of the dishes I jumped straight into getting the washing cleaned. I have so many undies and socks with me being the only one living in the house that I just leave my cloths hamper to be washed on Sunday – it saves money and it is efficient because it all gets done on a single day and on Monday/Tuesday I spend my time folding up the washing etc.

Things are going well, enjoyed a nice quiet day at home today although I really do need to get myself organised and do the weeding although I I’m getting to the point that I think I need some weed killer – the strongest nastiest stuff possible to not only kill the weeds but also the earth that the weeds try to grow in.

It’s been Wellington anniversary so things are pretty quiet – I am hoping that Tuesday will result in my package finally being released resulting in the delivery of it in the next few days. Once that has arrived – I’ll boot it up, install updates and then put my SIM into the phone. It also means that if I am happy then I’ll sell my iPhone XS Max 256GB and Apple TV then use that money to pay down debt to then consolidate and close off the last account with BNZ. The big goal – debt free by 40 and I’m getting there.

I’ve been following Windows 10 development and it appears that their move to restructure the way in which they conduct their development is paying dividends. There is the fast release where the latest and greatest features are merged so that all those who opted in for the fast release cycle will get access but that being said those new features won’t be automatically appearing in the slow release ring like they do today. Rather than what some users have dubbed ‘a continuous cycle of beta testing’ the back porting to the slow release will hopefully mean that by the time that the developers to backcourt to the slow release that it’ll be rock solid stable enough as not to cause problems when compare new features making their way back almost immediately resulting in many occasions the experience not being as stable as users would like it.

Windows 10X is developing with some good screenshots from CES found on Neowin (link) – it appears that it is still very much in a beta or even alpha state given how spartan nature  of the file manager and the lacking in the sort of functionality such as free formed windowed applications (as noted in the application) but then again this could change. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually over time Windows 10X eventually replaces with Windows 10 on the consumer front then eventually, as it matures, it is rolled out to business customers then in something like 4 years time the LTSC end up receiving it The reason for that conclusion on my part is that I doubt Microsoft will wanting to maintain multiple divergent builds of Windows 10 so it makes sense to make Windows 10X available on those new emerging devices but then eventually roll it out for everyone.

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