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Well, it appears that the level 4 lock down has been extended for another week but even with the move to level 3 the amount of movement will be limited – those businesses that can be done remotely have been told that it must be done remotely. I had a chat to my team leader and it appears that it possible that I’m going to be getting the headset from work (along with asking whether I have unlimited internet) which might mean that not only making out bound calls but also answering inbound calls as well. Although I occasionally get a bit of lag I find that it can be kept to a minimum by directly running cable from my computer to my router which keeps lag to a minimum.

macOS 10.15.5 beta now includes a battery life management component that’ll hopefully mean that the battery will last longer before it needs replacing.  For someone like me, I keep my laptop plugged in all the time with the rare occasion of using the battery – hopefully the enhancement will make it last longer.

The iPad Pro appears to be gaining traction, it’ll be interesting to see whether there will be some rationalisation of the MacBook line up if Apple move over to ARM – is the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard the future of the Mac or will Apple keep the traditional MacBook form-factor and simply move the internals over to their own ARM SoC. For me at least I think the advancements they have made with the iPad Pro has moved the iPad from merely being a content consuming device so something that, for many people, can be a replacement for a traditional computer.

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