Got the first part of the bad news and that is the outline of the cuts that have been proposed. Now, unless there is some major bail out of the industry by the government (which is highly unlikely but anything is possible given the circumstances and the various vested interest involved) it is doubtful that I’ll be in a job by the time 22 June rolls around (which is when the wage subsidies end) – it’s just basic math, when there are 34 people going for 11 jobs then the end result in that some are going to not make their way through to the new organisational structure. I am hoping that I will retain my job but I’m also realistic – I’m not going to get myself worked up by getting stressed about something I cannot control or as my old boss used to say “focus on controlling the controllables”.

I got my employment contract to see what the redundancy pay will be like – needless to say that assuming the worse case scenario happens I am very lucky that I’ll have the means to make ends meet not to mention that the government has removed the stand down period for anyone applying for the unemployment benefit.

Last night I went to the store to pick up some odd bits and pieces – oven cleaner, some Pepsi Max (was on special – the great thing about Pepsi is that it is always cheaper than Diet Coca Cola). I thought to myself that my oven needed to be cleaned but it shouldn’t be too bad – holy crap, I couldn’t get over all the grease that had built up because I never really paid much attention to what the inside of the oven looked like. I pulled out the racks inside, opened up an old rubbish bag and sprayed both of them on both sides then wrapped them up to soak over night. The interior of the oven I sprayed it on the inside and I’m going to leave that soak in over night. When I wake up on Tuesday I’ll clean out both of them – hopefully if I do it more regularly it’ll avoid having to do the intensive clean that I’ve done.

On a good side they had 2L of Pepsi Max on special for $2 so picked up a few bottles to fill up my fridge – always good to have a few bottles in the fridge to avoid having to go out.

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