You’ve probably notice that I am not very active on my blog at the moment and that is due to the fact that I was waiting to pick up my glasses on Monday (today). I picked them up as well as getting a eye test to ensure my eyes are healthy – a clean bill of health which is always good. The glasses are working great but it does take a while to get used to them but that is the same situation as my hold one – keep in mind that it has been 10 years since my last new pair. It is amazing how improved my eye sight is with these glasses – riding my scooter is a surreal experience now and I’m sure the other drivers appreciate me now having 20/20 vision when I wear my glasses.

I’ve finally got my annual leave sorted out which will go from 19 September through to 29 September. I was planning to have time off over the Apple WWDC however with the restricting at work and the whole COVID-19 lockdown I thought it would be best to wait it out and see what happens. I generally try to take a week off some time during the year and maybe have some 3-4 day weekends where possible because given the job I am in I like having at least some time off so I can unwind rather than holding it in until the end of the year – assuming I can get Christmas off.

Next year will be the start of things getting interesting in the world of Apple with Apple pushing out Apple Silicon based Macs – I’m waiting out for the second generation as to avoid the first generation bugs, limitations and quirks where as by the second generation they would have gotten enough feedback and my Mac’s will be old enough to justify being upgraded. Will I sell them? not worth it, I’ll send it to Apple and get them to recycle it – if I do all in then I’ll order an iMac, MacBook Pro and if they have upgraded the iPhone and Apple TV I’ll go for that plus upgrade my television (I might as well go ‘all in’ if I’m going to upgrade my setup). I’m looking forward to see what happens with Apple closing off the kernel to third party drivers – could we see a kernel where all the drivers sit in user space? given their recent support for PCIe devices it makes me wonder whether we’re not too far away from Apple moving their display system into user space especially now that ARM isn’t saddled with the costly context switching that Intel based CPUs have courtesy of the x86/x86-64 ISA.

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