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Ever since upgrading to 10.15.6 I’ve been having bugginess regarding Continuity or more specifically when answering my iPhone on my iMac and MacBook Pro. The call will ring and then when I click on ‘answer’ nothing comes through on my computer. In the end I signed out on all of my Macs, iPhone and Apple TV from iCloud then did a DFU restoration on my iPhone, then a clean install on my MacBook Pro then tested to see whether the issue came up – called a number and it all connected properly without any error. When I get up tomorrow I’ll clean install macOS 10.15.6 on my iMac and finish setting up my Apple TV.

Today my brother in law came over to install two Arlo security cameras – the good side is that with the security camera that it is all wireless but also it is compatible with HomeKit so it was possible to get it all setup and managed from the HomeKit once one got the initial setup out of the way. Oh, and another perk – I can also manage it from my Mac as well thanks to the Home application being made available on macOS thanks to Catalyst. I’ve also put a 16GB thumb drive in the back of it so that it can locally store videos – and the cool part is that at work I can check on my home.

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