After much umming and arring over the subject I decided to renew the extra domain I have. The primary reason? holding out for the next Samsung Galaxy phone running Android that will also have Samsung’s new SoC that is rumoured to being using a standard ARM design coupled with an AMD GPU and their own modem. Where does the domain fit into this? for G-Suite – if I go all in, I might as well go all in and make use of the complete suite of Google services. With that all being said – it’ll be interesting to see what the Pixel Phone 5 XL turns out as well (it appears that Amazon is selling the Pixel Phone 4a directly around the world so maybe that is what Google’s long term plan – sell in the big markets directly and let Amazon cater for the rest).

There are rumours regarding the Pixel 5 using the Qualcomm 765G SoC with rumours that there won’t be a Pixel 5 XL. I’m guessing that there will be one, I think people assume that the Pixel 5 XL must be just a larger version of the Pixel 5 but it could be just the flagship version of it so then Google reduces it down to three models: Pixel 4a for entry level, Pixel 5 for mid level and Pixel 5 XL the flagship with the most grunty specifications, biggest screen, big battery etc. which would still enable Google to provide a decent range while also ensuring that resources aren’t spread too thin over too many product lines.

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