Something that I realised when thinking about the fact that the move to ARM based Mac’s will enable the running of native iOS/iPadOS applications on macOS about what it might mean for Google applications that run on iOS/iPadOS. For example, for years people on various Apple forums have complained about the subpar integration between macOS and Google services but with the movement to ARM based Mac’s might open up the opportunity for the native Gmail application appearing on MacOS along side a native YouTube Music app, Google Maps etc. Keeping in mind that for these applications to make their way onto macOS it is something that Google would have to opt in on – it’ll be interesting to see whether they go, “meh, might as well, it’s no skin off our nose” or whether they rigidly stick to their current position of “small screen’s get the apps, everyone else uses a web browser to access our services”.

Rumour has it that there is an ARM iMac being released next year – 24 inch but in the same case as a 21.5 inch by stretching the screen to the edge (27 inch being upgraded to a 32 inch by stretching the screen to the edge) but as noted in the past – I always let the early adopters take the 1.0 version and I’ll be waiting for the the next revision where hopefully most of the bugs will be found and corrected.

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