On Tuesday (NZ Time) Apple announced that iOS, tvOS, watchOS and iPadOS would be released on Wednesday (NZ Time) so when I woke up this morning I was ready to install it. On my iPhone it was a pretty hefty download of around 2.3GB but I was also surprised that Safari 14 was made available to macOS Catalina (I was expecting the rumoured ‘Supplemental Update’ that was talked about on 9 to 5 Mac (link)). With that I did a clearing out my macOS installation (falling down into single user mode and deleting the contents of ~/Library along with Caches etc).

I’m enjoying Safari 14, it loads websites faster – not only making the initial connection but also downloading and rendering the page as well. It doesn’t include 4K Youtube support in the form of VP9 support being added so that’ll have to wait until Big Sur is released but that being said – so far everything is working well. What I am hoping for is that gradually they’ll expand WebExtensions API so that it has the depth and breadth of support that Firefox has. Although Ad Guard does a pretty good job I do wish for uBlock Origin to make its way to Safari.

I’ll be writing up a longer review once Big Sur is released – I’m hoping that’ll be released while I’m on my holiday – I’ll do a clean install on all my devices so I start with a clean slate which will give a fair assessment of how Big Sur performs.

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