I finally got around to picking up the Turkish delight I bought online (locally made) and OMG the last few days have beeb absolute heaven. All the flavours are naturally sourced, nothing weird of strange in the ingredients – the Manuka honey was amazing and the rose was absolutely divine. I don’t normally buy sweets but when I do I tend to go for the ‘shop shelf’ stuff so that I can really enjoy it (in much the same way I might only have ice cream every 1-2 months but when I do I get really fancy ice cream such as Kapiti Coast).

Tonight I’m going to have some a couple of tacos and burritos from my local Mexican inspired take away store and have them delivered. If there was one change that has come out of the whole COVID-19 crisis it has been the growth in delivery services and couriers upping their game when it comes to online deliveries. Before the COVID-19 deliveries were pretty much limited to Pizza, Indian and KFC experimenting with their menu for delivery but these days, anything you can imagine can probably be delivered.

The tacos and burritos arrived just then – munched those down while watching some YouTube videos (I like watching those renovation rescue shows where they take a horror of a house and transform it). Yeah, I have YouTube Premium – it isn’t until you’ve had YouTube Premium for a while then start using YouTube at work (since we use G Suite at work) when you realise just how many ads there are which one avoid when having a premium subscription.

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