What has begun to frustrate to frustrate me is this tendency to mistake cynicism for enlightenment which is just as frustrating as the other observation which is this idea that if you’re critical of one major party it means that you automatically support the other major party.

The first thing that frustrates me is every time there is a rumour put out there by the mainstream media, there hundreds of thousands of folk on twitter immediately assume that it is actually true even though no evidence is provided to back it up. Anyone remember the rumour that was put out there that ‘Biden was considering Rahm Emanuel’ when in reality it was a load of crap. I’ll let you in on a secret – the media is a giant club and those who are interested in a position in an administration will get someone to spread a rumour to give as a hint to the powers that be that they’re interested in a job. Yes Minister have parodied that a few times – politicians use the media and the media like it because it is the unsubstantiated rumours that can generate hours of conversations and debates to fill the airwaves that would be otherwise dead if they actually had to talk about factual issues rather than what the latest rectum plucking that originates from the nether regions of someones conspiratorial mind..

The second thing that frustrates me is the expectation for a ‘revolution’ to occur overnight, for a massive transformation of within a matter of days but rather it is going to be something that’ll occur over time. When they (Democrats) pass a bill it isn’t going to fix all the problems at once but that’s ok, it isn’t as though what is passed is set in stone, one can always go back and amend and improve. That, along with a lack of short memory, is ultimately what the Republicans hope for – that you’ll forget what happened when they were in power and that you lose interest because problems aren’t solved immediately, it might require more than 2 years to fix healthcare. The other part is this purist idea of getting things accomplished – I’m sorry for those who have delicate dispositions but the legislative process is very much like working in a sausage factory, it isn’t going to be pretty. When getting a bill through the house, it requires at times greasing the skids to get the numbers – you may call it pork but I call it the price of getting the votes to achieve a much larger objective. As the old saying goes, “keep your eye on the prize”.

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