Well, we’ve found out that Apple is having their ‘Spring Loaded’ event for 20th April with lots of rumours swirling around about what that might entail in terms of new products and/or services. The big rumour along with the usual refreshes is the launch of a new slew of ARM based Mac’s although there are rumours of maybe an iMac refresh, if it is going to happen it’ll probably be the 21inch version but then again they might also wait until October when they usually announce an iMac refresh as they’ve done in the past. I think the most interesting part, at least from my point of view, is how Apple will address the demands regarding higher end laptops and whether they’ll keep with their own GPU design and scale it up or whether they’ll focus on their GPU on being super efficient and utilise AMD for the high end in much the same way that Samsung has been working with AMD on a GPU for their SoC which will be available in next years Galaxy devices.

I gave Chrome a try to see what it is like and although I did enjoy some of the benefits such as a great selection of extension it does come at a price in terms of memory and other source usage. On a good side, during the time Ad Guard extension for Safari related a new version, 1.9.13 which had a major update to its electron backend. What I am hoping is that in the next few months with the next version they’ll upgrade to the latest Electron build which has support for Apple Silicon which will mean that it will be made available natively on the new ARM based Macs. What I hope is that with the release of 11.3 of macOS that will also include an upgrade of Safari with all the improvements that they’ve put into their technology preview – they’ve made some big improvements to Safari in the technology preview and I wish that Apple were more willing to push out these enhancements to users because having used both I think most users would benefit from the improvements particularly in the area of performance and efficiency.

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