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Watching some of the session videos from Wednesday – Apple has added support for the declarativeNetRequest being called by Webextensions API which provides very rudimentary content blocking but I doubt it is sufficiently flexible enough to bring over the heavy hitters such as uBlock Origin (which has a sizeable following) – Google also seem to be hell bent on undermining its user base with the development of Manifest v3 resulting in a crippled web extensions development which will limit the ability for many extensions to work properly. But with that being said there are still good things making their way into Safari 15 (link) particularly when it comes to WebAssembly, WebM support for Opus (for some reason if you play back a video on tvOS via the YouTube app that the video is streaming in vp9 and opus but on my Mac it streams it in vp9 and m4a.

As for the release date, given that Apple has their annual iPhone refresh in around September the release date of iOS 15 will probably a week later (it’ll be GM before the event) but as for macOS 12, that depends on how the development cycle goes but based on past experiences it could be anywhere from September all the way through to November (Big Sur was released 12 November 2020). With that being said last year was COVID-19 year, it was the first time doing things remotely so the late delivery might have been a once off and given the fact that there aren’t huge user visible changes (this feels more like a Snow Leopard release of refining) it could be possible that we’ll see a September-October release but this is speculation based on past years – we’re still dealing with COVID-19 so anything is possible.

I think I’ve now sorted out the issue I had with the iCloud Mail (which funny enough wasn’t impacting my ability to send emails from my iPhone) – it appears that there is an issue with the keychain stored on my computer so what I did is I signed out of iCloud on both my iMac and MacBook Pro, deleted the local keychains (including invisible ones, rebooted into recovery and cleaned off all the temporary files and cache files etc. then rebooted back to the main desktop. It appears that everything is working for now and the old smtp settings are no longer saved in the cloud which is a big improvement.

I’ve emailed off to my local MP and the minister for transportation regarding the recent licence changes (well, they date back to the prior government) which will mean that if you have a learners or a restricted drivers or motorcycle licence then you’ll be required to advance to a full licence or the next level of the licence up from the one you’re on now. So rather than yelling into the wilderness I voiced my opinion – will it get heard? not too sure but I’ve got nothing to lose my making my opinion heard on the matter. What I suggested was the following:

If you are taking onboard suggestions then may I suggest that you introduce a new licence class – a moped licence which has a engine limit of 50cc and can be obtained by attending a weekend class of basic scooter handling. It would provide many people, who are only interested in a scooter, in having a licence that can be kept long term while ensuring that those who obtain it have the basic skills required to drive a scooter.

For me, I ride everywhere on my 50cc scooter and if I need to travel longer than say 100km then I’ll get a bus, train or a aeroplane. Governance and regulation isn’t just about ‘ruling’ but it is about balancing the carrot and stick approach – to provide people with avenues to be able to acquire the skills required to use private transportation while also ensuring that the balance between the transportation device vs. the amount of training require is balanced up. Hopefully it’ll be taken onboard but if it isn’t then at least I can say that I tried.

Anyway, for dinner I’m going to have some fish, wedges and a ginger beer – I ordered it on Delivery Easy since they do a pretty good job when treat local businesses well when compared to some of the big players out there.

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