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Well, I’m giving Safari Technology Preview release 126 a try while working on a post I’ll be putting out on Monday regarding the Windows 11 launch and how Microsoft’s vision compares to what Apple put out there on WWDC 2021 – let’s put this way, WWDC 21 was a let down when compared to the optimistic forward looking vision that Microsoft put there. I am a simple man and don’t expect much – if Apple came out and made Safari implemented Webextensions API fully so it is compatible with Firefox and implement HTML5 consistently with the rest of the features being under the hood changes and fixes then I’d still be a happy man but alas here we are.

With all that has happened I find it refreshing that Google is taking a step back when it comes to FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) where although ‘The Verge’ (link) claimed it was due to regulatory pressure, I think it had more to do with the backlash from third parties such as browser vendors and website developers along with consumer advocacy groups. At the end of the day for the industry to move off third parties it’ll require that all the big players are on the same page so I’m not surprised that they’ve pushed it back to 2022-2023. Firefox developers have been productive in terms of going beyond just “it’s a bad idea” and laid out some of the issues that exist with the idea (link) which gives the impression that if those short comings were addressed then there is potential for Firefox to also adopt it as well.

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