iCloud+ beta testing custom domain hosting and living with COVID-19.

Apple has made available via their iCloud beta website the custom domain hosting – I tried it out and it was fairly painless though adding the CNAME record was a bit of a pain in the backside because it wasn’t just a simply copy and past. That being said, all these services are available if you pay for extra storage space (I’m on 200GB at the moment but I’m looking at upgrading it to 2TB in the near future). Beta 7 of iOS 15 has been released so if I had to guess I would say that the announcement of the next iPhone will be mid October with the release of iOS 15 being a week after then when the iPhone 13 starts arriving there will probably a minor update (something like an iOS 15.0.1). When it comes to macOS I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing macOS 12 being released mid to end of November with iOS 15.1 being made available which will include iCloud Private Relay (it was disabled in iOS 15 Beta 7 which is an indication that they’re wanting to stabilise it read to ship the ‘golden master’ to the factory for the new phones).

Getting the Delta stran under control appears to be working – the growth of community transmission is slowling which indicates a flatting of the curve (assuming there isn’t a cluster suddenly found. With all that being said, they are doing sewage testing as well which will help detect if there is any COVID within the community – at the moment the tests in Christchurch has detected trace amounts but (link). It’s speculation on my part but I have a feeling that there will be an extension probably until the end of next week with a move to level 3 the week after next week but then again anything could happen – NSW thought that they had it under control then it all went sideways because they half-assed the lock down resulting it never being properly controlled.

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