Importing and exporting from Chrome and Safari.

I found something really useful and it has saved me a tonne of time when moving passwords from Safari over to Chrome (link). The script works well however there are a few gotchas. The first being that it may fail a few times as you need to grant access to the script through the ‘System Preferences’ then once that done you’ll need to quickly enter your computer password so that the password can reach the passwords in Safari after that process is completed you’ll need to edit the csv file that the script creates such as replacing the file line with:


Then making sure that each of the url’s in the second ‘column’ are prefixed with the following:


Then once you’ve done that you’ll then need to launch Chrome using the following command:

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome -enable-features=PasswordImport

Because by default when you launch Chrome you can only export passwords but you need to enable the password import feature by launching Chrome from the terminal using the above command. Once imported everything synced into the cloud and voila I’m happy to frolic through the web and log into my favourite websites without having to do the awkward copy and paste from Safari to Chrome then hope that I’ve copied over all the login derails without mistakes.

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