iCloud plan upgrade and trying to get healthier.

So I’ve upgraded my iCloud to iCloud+ with 200GB of storage and my iMac is uploading the music backup from my external drive into the cloud overnight – thank goodness I’ve got a decent fibre connection, 1Gbps down, 500Mbps up, and I’ve got that iMac hooked up to my router using a cat6e ethernet cable (I’m also working from home and if I us wifi the VoIP lag can be horrible sometimes where as using the ethernet everything comes through perfectly).

I also decided to start having one big shape once a fortnight rather than the small shopping trips after work which end up in more money being spent. The easy way to do this, since I don’t have a car, is to go grocery shopping on the internet and have it delivered – although I bought it this week on Thursday (for deliver on Friday) I think in future I’ll buy it online on Sunday and get it delivered on Monday (my day off) because once I get in the office I don’t want my deliver sitting on my front door most of the day. The other benefit with purchasing online is the ability to plan meals, it is easy to jump between different parts of the shop and construct a meal each day and then budget accordingly. Oh, and I made sure I picked up some sugar free soft drink so it avoids me walking down to the petrol station where it is more expensive.

iOS 15.1 has been released and my theory is that macOS 12 will be released at the same time iOS 15.1 is released – I wouldn’t be surprised that at the upcoming event in October where there is a Mac orientated announcement where they also give the release date announcement for macOS 12 – lets hope that it is released sooner than half way through November because really I want to take a week off at the end of October.

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