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The ongoing love/hate relationship with Chrome and Safari.

Back to using Safari – Chrome has its benefits but I think I’ve got things nailed down with Safari and Ad Guard. I think the problems I’ve had in the past is that I haven’t gotten it setup properly before I started ‘surfing the net’. What I’ve done this time is when I installed Ad Guard rather than enabling it straight way in Safari I first of all cleared all cookies, cache and history so I start with a clean slate, I then open up Ad Guard, enable all the filters I want, update the filters to the latest version, add the allowed websites then enable the extensions in Safari. Taking those careful steps has resulted in websites not breaking (the ones I’ve added to my allowed list) and those that have the filters applied to are consistently having their ads block along with blocking other nasties so I’m a happy lad.

As I get closer to the festivities and end of the year I am drawing up a list of things I want to do with the first, which is the easiest I can do, is move from Spark to back to Skinny Mobile – I’ll probably do that before then but that depends on when Apple starts to ship iOS 15.2, tvOS 15.2 and macOS 12.1 which are all currently in beta testing at the moment. My big focus on 2022 is getting myself focused on getting in a better state financially as well as in terms of health. Yes, I could start today but I’d sooner get the crazy season out of the way which will remove any distractions rather than trying to start now, get distracted by the festivities then trying to get back on track again.

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