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UDM updates, Apple display rumours and political wrangling in the US.

Starting into the first week of the holidays and Ubiquiti has release an firmware update for their UDM 1.11.0 which introduces bug fixes, optimisations such as improved PPPoE throughput, making WPA3 available for mainstream adoption and lots more (link). A nice little early Christmas present which, as of the time of this writing having used it for a few hours, is absolutely rock solid so far with setting up the UDM (I did a factory reset as part of the upgrade to 1.11.0) going a lot smoother than in the past. The big upcoming update will be when the Unifi AP AC HD firmware moves from the 5.x series to the 6.x series which has a whole new wifi firmware ‘binary blob’ that it’ll be using hence all the testing, testing and more testing that has occurred in over the 6 months or so.

There are rumours that Apple is going to get back into the display market (link) which will be at a more mainstream accessible pricing. When thinking about this rumour and the lack of a 27inch iMac I am wondering whether we’ll eventually see a 27inch iMac or do Apple see the market for the 27inch iMac being the more power user and/or enthusiast area where maybe a Mac mini Pro or even a Mac Pro mini combined with an Apple display would fill the gap between the mainstream 24inch iMac and the Mac Pro at the high end. Although I have an iMac 27inch I am strongly looking at getting maybe a Mac mini but maxed out as my next device with either an Apple display one one from Dell particularly if the price is a lot better than going with an iMac 27inch (or what ever the size screen Apple decide to go with – assuming they ship a bigger iMac with Apple Silicon).

I’ve been following US politics regarding the whole ‘Build Back Better’ with the media pointing out how Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are the source of why Biden’s agenda is blocked but let’s remember it wasn’t too long ago where a report came out that there are 10 senators who oppose it. The reason why it hasn’t passed is because there are more Ethan just those two who want to upend build back better, it just so happened to be that it is Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema turn to be ‘villains of the week’ which will provide the other 8 senators plausible deniability. For me, I’ve pretty much turned off from US politics because really is depressing how very little has been accomplished within a year due to the lack of discipline within the Democratic Party.

Getting back to New Zealand politics, it is one thing for the opposition parties to critique the government in areas where they believe they have a weakness but what amazes me is how the rest of the world is having a fifth wave yet journalist are inward looking navel gazers demanding the borders be open. What this goes to show is that the media in New Zealand is the embodiment of the phrase “the media is the mouthpiece of the capitalist class” – god forbid the New Zealand media remind the New Zealand public that there is a pandemic raging overseas and maybe the focus is should be on keeping in New Zealand rather than fetishising the potential to make a few extra dollars (at the expense of human life).

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