New uBlock Origin released, Chrome and the ongoing saga of using the Twitter app.

Another day and a new uBlock Origin release – although I can install it via the Chrome extensions store the problem is that the Chrome extensions store always seems to lag behind so instead what I do is download the .zip file and side load it (going to the extensions page, enabling ‘developer mode’ then clicking on ‘load unpacked’ where you point the browser to the directory created when one unzipped the .zip file). The only downside is if you’ve for multiple devices (or a large installation such as a school or workplace) then it needs to be done per machine (and kept up to date manually) but if you’re like me who just has 2 computers then it is pretty much a non issue.

I made ae recent post on twitter about the on going saga about removing an alias on – it should be relatively easy, you log into, you then click on mail, click on the ‘cog’ then ‘Preferences’ then click on ‘Accounts’ the click on the email, the click on delete. Now, in theory that should be removed however it disappears off the list but if you refresh the page and repeat the same steps the email address reappears. It’s been a 3 week saga and at this point I’m wondering whether I should cut my losses and instead just go with Google Workspace instead just to avoid the drama. Sure, if I move to Google Workspace I give up the unlimited disposable email addresses one gets with iCloud+ but on the good side I do get 30 aliases that I can use.

If I go down this route then I might as well go ‘all in’ with using Chrome (I’m using it now but the reason for using it is unrelated to the issue I’m having with iCloud) given at the moment I’ve given up using the macOS Twitter application. I honestly gave it a try but the problem is that Twitter Blue does’t work properly, the spelling and grammar are atrocious or they throw off false ‘that’s incorrect’ squiggly lines. There is also the issue of frequent crashes, not opening up the default browser I have chosen etc. It is a good attempt but we’re getting to the point that as much as I’d love to a native application the reality is that the world is moving to PWAs whether dinosaurs like me are happy about it or not.

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