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Android 12L, Microsoft Duo and avoiding toxic subreddits.

The end of another week of work – hopefully as we drift further from the new years holiday that things will get back to normal as people return to the office. I’m keeping an eye on the technology news with the latest rumours being that Microsoft is going to release Android 11 soon for the Duo 2 but the big focus is on shipping Android 12L. I have a feeling that Android 12L makes a lot more sense since the multiscreen improvements will be baked into Android natively rather than Microsoft having to merge their own enhancements into Android as they did with the initial release (the customisation making the process costly in terms of manpower when compared to Android 12L where those features will come ‘out of the box’ for Microsoft).

Hopefully by mid-February I can finally get rid of the ‘interest free’ deal with Spark which will give me a few extra dollars in the pocket so then I can focus on my long term goals of upgrading my two Macs to Apple Silicon based on ones – although I’m going to play it conservatively to see how Windows 11 plays out along with what AMD have on offer. What I am looking out for is their greater use of WinUI 2.6 such as the recent revival of Windows Media Player with a new modern UI, Notepad has also been updates along with a few other components. The benefit of WinUI is the ability to retain win32 code but put a fresh front end on it which avoids the costly mistake of re-writing something from scratch. In the case of Windows Media Player, that is going to be replacing the Groove Music application and eventually the old classic Windows Media Player as well. Long term I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually see all the components either upgraded WinUI 2.6 based versions or just simply remove them completely because it has been replaced with something new as with the case of Microsoft Management Console being replaced with Windows Admin Center.

I’ve decided to leave the /r/apple subreddit – it has gradually turned more and more toxic – god forbid you post an opinion that doesn’t hold up Apple has God’s gift to humanity because prepare yourself of a torrent of downvotes and abuse by the self appointed ‘swiss guards’ aka online keyboard warriors bending over backwards to ‘protect’ a trillion dollar company from some mild criticism. For me I see reddit as a place to hang out and shoot the breeze, if the said subreddit is filled with people who cause trouble and abuse the up/down vote system then I don’t see much point being part of that subreddit in the first place. The problem could easily be solved by allowing moderators to see who up/down voted then keep track of those who brigade, use sock puppet accounts etc then ban them off the website thus leaving the productive non-toxic contributors left on the website. Funny enough the Android subreddit has open and frank discussions about the shortcomings of Android as well as iOS without people reacting as if you had just slapped their mother.

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