Rumours regarding Samsung’s next flagship Exynos SoC.

After Exynos 2200 disappeared from their website it suddenly appeared with an accompanied press release (link) followed by the Twitterverse and Reddit subreddits speculating over why it disappeared then reappeared, why there is no longer the clock rates stated on the specifications page etc. My speculation when it first occurred was that it was going to rebranded to make it stand out from previous Exynos – they appeared to have rebranded slightly with the emphasis being put on the GPU. The other speculation I’ll throw out there is that Samsung is de-emphasising the clock speed in favour of the ‘complete experience’ in much the same way that Apple themselves don’t give out specification of SoC clock speed etc. for their iPhone. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing a lot less focus on specifications in the announcement and more on what can be done when compared to previous generations.

It’ll be interesting to also see what the Android 12 build will be like given that as part of “Project Mainline” that optional components that can be updated by Google directly will now be mandatory to new phones running Android 12 along with moving away from the current fiasco of having forks of forks of forks then trying to juggle the security patches as they’re backported. If the end result is the full embracing of GKI 2.0 (generic kernel image) (link) then it should ao make life a lot easier for Samsung given that they’re now pushing Android upgrades to 3 years with 4 year of security updates.

Anyway, here is a good video that gives a bit of an overview based on what is known however we’ll need to wait for more in depth analysis once the phone is shipping in volume.

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